MIgrate Data from US to EU


I asked Monday support team about data migration to their new datacenter in Europe. As suggested I’m posting their reply here for a better follow up :

We only have the ability to move our Enterprise accounts. However, the team is working to improve this so we can shift any account.
I unfortunately do not have an ETA on when this will be released.

Any updates - e.g. an ETA of the possibility to shift any account?

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Hi everyone,

I want to step in and clarify the information that was shared by our Support team.

We do not currently have an auto-mechanism that transfers data across different data regions. If an account would like to move from one data region to another, they would need to create a new account in the desired data region and then migrate the data across. For accounts on an Enterprise 50+ plan, this process could be facilitated by their account manager. For other accounts, they could either undertake this process themselves or they could have a partner assist them (at a cost). There does not seem to be an ETA or plans to add migration features.

I recommend referring to our data residency article for more specific details if you’re interested!

Please let me know if you have follow-up questions :pray:

Thanks. For us this a real problem as I know migrating the number and now importance of our many organisational boards we depend on will be risky and very destructive to all the work we’ve done to date. The idea of migrating them and losing some of the features, comments, updates etc is not really viable. I just don’t underestand why you haven’t built this kind of feature into your architecture. We can’t afford an enterprise account so I’m afraid that’s not an option. Paying a third party to migrate the data just doesn’t seem like a good idea as they won’t care enough about the data quality. If anyone else has this problem please show your support here.


Hi, same here, we have a Monday.com account from ~4 years. Some years ago the EU region didn’t exist on creation. We would like to change now our data residency to EU (from US) but apparently it is not possible (now) as i saw and read above.

Is there really no possibility?

  • Export / Import?
  • API?


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How would manual migration work?

Hey there,

At this stage the solution here is to open a new account on the EU server and export/import your data into the new account. We currently have no option to transfer the data automatically and I am sorry for the inconvenience! I have shared these frustrations to the team internally who are aware that it’s a pain point. The other option is to work with one of our technical partners, as mentioned above, however this does come at a cost.

Thank you for the reply. By “export/import” you mean export via Excel?

Yes, via Excel! Apologies for not making that more clear :pray:

The stability on the US server has been poor recently. It’s a huge disruption for us not to be able to access our monday.com account. The stability on the EU server seems much better, so we would also have a preference to migrate.

It’s truly absurd that there is not an option to migrate data between US and EU, almost all because now all the new accounts are EU and one year ago all US. It’s an issue created by you and we’re paying the consequences


@BiancaT Do you have any update of this subject since the creation of this post (in november 2022…)?

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I have the same problem, need to migrate from US to EU.

That’s a deal breaker for me and the final issue that makes me go away from monday. (Poor reporting features and formulas, the email integration did not work well when I tried some time ago, constantly nagging me to “upgrade” while already in Pro, paying three seats although I am running a one-man company and need only one, announcements that added features will cost extra fees (WTF?), etc.)

While I probably would manage to do the migration somehow with a script or custom app (I work in IT), this really raises the question “why not migrate to a competitor when investing time into a custom script?”