MIgrate Data from US to EU


I asked Monday support team about data migration to their new datacenter in Europe. As suggested I’m posting their reply here for a better follow up :

We only have the ability to move our Enterprise accounts. However, the team is working to improve this so we can shift any account.
I unfortunately do not have an ETA on when this will be released.

Any updates - e.g. an ETA of the possibility to shift any account?

Hi everyone,

I want to step in and clarify the information that was shared by our Support team.

We do not currently have an auto-mechanism that transfers data across different data regions. If an account would like to move from one data region to another, they would need to create a new account in the desired data region and then migrate the data across. For accounts on an Enterprise 50+ plan, this process could be facilitated by their account manager. For other accounts, they could either undertake this process themselves or they could have a partner assist them (at a cost). There does not seem to be an ETA or plans to add migration features.

I recommend referring to our data residency article for more specific details if you’re interested!

Please let me know if you have follow-up questions :pray: