Cross Account Copier not working

Hello, Trying to move folders from one instance of Monday to a new one, I am an admin in both instances. The error I keep getting is “This account does not exist” but I know that it does. It is not a trial period. Any help?

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Hello @Keiren.N !

Admittedly I am not very familiar with the operations of the Cross Account Copier, but you can read any relevant information in the following guide :

How to copy boards and dashboards between accounts

If you are still having trouble, I would suggest contacting monday support

Hope this helps!
Giannis, Implementation Consultant at


We have the same issue. We are UK based and have around 6 installations of monday on different URLs.

We set up new accounts by copying all our custom tables using the cross account copier feature.

This allows us to set up customers in minutes with all our boards, connect in our api for updates etc

Apparently since January 2023 all UK/EU customers have their new boards on EU servers.

All our existing boards, and our master system, are on US servers.

You cannot copy between US and EU servers.

I have been provided no solution from support. Only to recreate all our boards / automations / tags / statuses manually on an EU server installation.

There has to be a workaround surely?

I was told it wasn’t possible to move one of our installations to an EU server or create a clone of our master system on an EU server. I really don’t want to have to rebuild all our workflow etc

Did anyone find a solution to this??
If I change the account URLs to being the same, will it work? What do you guys think?
Is the problem there because one account is hosted in US and one in Australia??

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They told me that it won’t work because of the server and that there is no work around. Very frustating!

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There is a request to fix the problem. Please vote.