Transfer all data from one account to another with different email addresses

Hi, I am new to Monday and I am stuck with a problem.

Say I have two account with different email addresses. In both of these accounts I am the only user. In the first account I have a created workspace and setup some automations. Now for some reason I want to move this workspace along with all the board, doc, automation to the account with second email address.

I have browsed through some links but haven’t found a solution yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Prateek! Happy to help with this! :wave:

For our Cross-Account Copier feature, you will need to be an Admin with the same email address on both accounts. However, if you do want to move your data to the other account, I’d recommend adding your other email address to one of the accounts and making this second “user” an Admin on the account.

This way, you will be able to accomplish what you’re looking for! Let me know how this goes! :blush: