Mind Mapping in Monday.com - Create Mindmaps, Turn Nodes into Pulses

Excited to announce the launch of Mindmap View for Monday.com

With this App, you can generate and outline ideas in the Mind Map view, and turn them into work items on your Monday boards.

To start mapping:

  1. Install the MindMapping on Monday with ThoughtFlow App

  2. On your board, go to the Views Center and search ‘Mindmap View’.

  3. You should see a basic mind map. Start by clicking on any of the nodes to edit them. Click on the + icon to add child or sibling nodes.

  4. You can Collapse & Expand nods. Zoom in and Zoom out of the canvas.

  5. Turn nodes into Work Items by clicking the 3 Dots

  1. Click on the colored dots of a task node to update task status right from the Mind map

You can also create multiple mind maps on the same board by creating new views.

This is inspired from the Mindmeister integration with MeisterTask. We built this a as a part of the Monday Apps Contest

Would love your suggestions to fit more smoothly into your existing Monday workflow. If you have any feedback, send us a word at [contact@thoughtflow.io]

The first 3 Mindmaps are free. After which you will need a premium subscription of thoughtflow.io


That looks really great!

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On 15/12/2020 23:30 (UTC+1) the Mindmap View app was not visible in my trial version…

Hey @JPinBe .

Did you Install the app?

You first need to click on this link to install the app, and allow access to add Mindmap View to your account.

Once you install the app, you should be able add a new view and search for Mindmap View.

Let me know if that worked.

That worked fine Kranthi. Thank you.



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Looks great! Would love to try it!
I’m just a little concerned about granting access to someone outside monday.com to all my data.
How is the data handling done at Thoughtflow?
When installing the app do they have access to all the content of all our main boards?
If so, I’m not sure how I can trust them handling the data with care and who at their company is having access to our data…
Does someone have infos or a more experienced opinion on this?


Hi @Sven.H

I can’t speak for Thoughtflow but there is a general concern with apps. Basically almost all apps need to read content of boards (thet is the nature of doing something with the data) and the scope permissions in monday.com are not very granular. It is “read all boards” or nothing. It would be good if more people are asking monday to make the app scopes more granular, at least something like “read only boards where you installed the app”.

Furthermore: I was told that monday is working on “security badges” for apps in the marketplace (no details yet). And finally: the user should be warned if user access tokens are stored by apps. Since earlier this month also integration apps (those using recipes) can make use of seamless authorization. Up to that point in time apps needed to store access tokens which is a bigger security risk. With seamless authorization apps get access (limited by the scope discussed above) only when they need to do something (e.g. as a reaction on a status change) for a limited amount of time (I believe it is set to 60 seconds now).

I do understand this is not answering specifically for Thoughtflow but thought it was good to give some general security info for 3rd party apps.


Hi @Sven.H

Our app uses Monday.com’s Storage API which means all your data is stored on Monday.com servers.

The SDK is built in such a way that developers would not need to maintain their own servers or database.

Does that answer your question?

Hi @basdebruin thank you for your detailed elaboration. I see it the Same as you. Would be great if monday puts some more work into the security aspect of the app integrations.

Great work! THis is exciting! Two suggestions based on the functionality I see in your video:

  1. Allow us to choose which level in the mindmap are group titles.
  2. Allow us to choose which level in the mindmap are sub-tasks.

But you’re off to a great start by the looks of it!


Hey Paul ( @TheOtherPM ) ,

Thanks for the kind words and your suggestion.

As mindmaps are flexible, everyone uses it their own way. We use mindmaps as an ideation excercise. Usually, the levels on the map and tasks are not co-related. On one branch, we could discover a task at the second level. On another branch a task could be at 5th level.

I’m curious to learn the thought process behind your suggestion.

How do you imagine using it? Could you give an example?
Maybe we could achieve the desired outcome in some other way.

I love TheOtherPM’s suggestion.

Perhaps where you are clicking the three dots to add the task it would pop up a dialogue allowing you to select the option to create a group, task, or sub-task. That way, like you said, no matter where in the mind-map the idea comes up you can run with it. Or perhaps you have three ‘buttons’ similar to what exists now for making a task, one to do groups, one for tasks, and one for sub-tasks.


These are great ideas @ChrisBuna . Putting these on the top of our roadmap :v:

@kranthi_thoughtflow Didier here, customer success manager at monday.com, very nice to meet you. Just tried out your app on the demo account- think there is great potential here, and this is something a number of my clients have asked for, especially PMO clients.
A couple of questions:

  1. Are you trying to get this on the marketplace- I would love to share this with my team so we can let our clients know about this, but we can not recommend this to our Enterprise accounts if its not on the marketplace.
  2. More of a suggestion- for v2, I recommend adding more UI customisation e.g. box colours
    Thanks for the great app and looking forward to hear from you
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Hey Didier.

Pleasure to meet you and thanks for the kind words. Its good to hear that clients are actively looking for something like this. To answer your questions -

  1. Yes, we are trying to get this on the marketplace. We want to provide this as a premium plugin with a per-editor pricing and a trial period. As I write this, I’m also coding the stripe integration for the payments. Hopefully, we should be ready this week.

  2. That’s a great idea. Will add this to our roadmap.

I look forward to your support and to learning from your interactions with clients.

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Please keep me posted when you have created your stripe integration

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Sure Gabo. Will do :+1:

I’m receiving an error that it won’t connect to my boards … any advice?

Hey Linny… sorry for the inconvenience.
We are deploying this for approval on the marketplace, and got stuck with a few technical issues. Hopefully should be resolved within 24 hours. Thanks for your patience.

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Hi @kranthi_thoughtflow, do you have a timeline for approval in marketplace? Love this feature, especially if we could select to create items or subitems.