Mind map! Either an integration or within Monday


Our team uses mindmaps during all kinds of brainstorming, but also to categorize our ideas.

Recently, I discovered Mind Meister together with Meistertask.

It’s genius! I can create a mind map, then make some of the bubbles into tasks, where I can assign due date, assignee etc. I can also send them to a board in Meistertask.

The next time I log into Meistertask, the new tasks are there.

MUCH BETTER than having to spend time manually write all the tasks down after each brainstorm. Now I can do this directly with the team, at the end of each session.

It also solves a complaint from my employees. They complain that our tasks are lazily written, and that they don’t understand WHY they need to all tasks.

For example, I write “Design button with big icon in the middle”, and they are left irritated and wondering “… But why?”

There are several ways to solve this, and we’re working on it. We’re trying to improve the way we write tasks, but sometimes you just don’t have the time and energy to everything properly.

But if each task is connected to the mind map, it’s extremely easy to understand context.

Button needs to include icon --(Because)—> User needs to have a visual representation of the option ------> Make it easier for the customer to understand the difference between the options ---------> Customer find it difficult to understand and choose between products ------> Make it easier to buy products -----> Increase sales in online store

Now my employees can easily say: “HEY! That’s not a good solution, because this is the real problem”

Do you see the genius of this way of working? I know you included tags for this, but it just doesn’t work as efficiently as a mind map does.


I would love Mondays take on the mind map, but I realize that’s in the future. (I imagine having this as an additional view. I’m almost crying thinking about how great it would be).

In the meantime, can you make an integration with a mind mapping service? (preferably Mind Meister, or something else)

Because I’m seriously considering switching from Monday to Mind Meister + Meistertask at this point, as we’re working a lot more efficient in this way.

I want this feature so bad. I’m begging, truly begging. :pray: :pray: :pray:

(Btw, I also really want emojis in board names :heart_eyes: )


Hi @kulekulekule
In order for me to understand more about the product, I had to research it. I saw a quick video about it and think that they have a great concept going on. I can see some type of integration with the product you are describing, but it from the little bit I saw, the product seems to lack the structured Automations and Integration that Monday.com has. Perhaps this becomes a VIEW as opposed to an Integration, but that’s for Monday.com to decide. I think this can give them great ideas on how to venture out and expand, (VIEW WISE … I would love it)

Thanks! (Just giving my two cents :stuck_out_tongue: )



I completely agree! I think an integration with Monday to mind mapping software (i.e. Mindomo, MindMeister, or a view that is a Mind Map view would be great feature! As a view, the only way I think it could work well is if Monday items could support nested sub-items. I believe nested sub-items would be a great feature in Monday, in and of itself.

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@gnewcom Sub-items are currently under development and we have released it to Beta users and though they may not support integrations at the moment, you can try them out as a feature! E-mail us to support@monday.com if you’re interested :smile:

Mindmaps built as a new view would be awesome! And if not, I’d request a full integration with Mindnode … One of the very best on a Mac and very similar to Monday when it comes to the user-friendliness/look & feel … https://mindnode.com :pray:

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Hi @maleroy!

Thanks for sharing this! We just released the Collaborative Whiteboard App, which can help users build a mindmap: Collaborative Whiteboard App

I do love the idea of integrating with mindnode - I would love to hear the thoughts of other community members on mindnode.com!

How would you build a mindmap (like this one: Sharepair (All deliverables) | myMindNode ) only using the Collaborative Whiteboard App?

@maleroy - The collaborative whiteboard will not let you build something along those lines just yet, as it is in its initial stages, but it can give you some basic tools that you can use to draw out some basic maps as shown in the support article. We hope to increase the functionalities of this app as we gather more feedback from users :smile:

Hi @kulekulekule

We just launched our app for Mindmapping within Monday.com . This works quite similar to the mindmeister and meistertask integration that you mentioned.

How to use it?

  1. Install the Mindmapping on Monday by ThoughtFlow app

  2. On your board, add a new view and search for Mindmap View

  3. You should see a new Mindmap. Click on any node to edit it. Click on the + icon to add a Child or Sibling Node.

  4. Click on the 3 dots icon in any node to turn a node into a work item. This will be visible on the Main Table View

  5. Click on the colored dots to post updates on the task.

You can create multiple Mindmaps on one board. Give them different names for convenience :slight_smile:

We built this for a developer contest organized by monday. Please like/comment here if you find it useful some love here

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Hi @kranthi_thoughtflow , I can’t change the zoom option and that makes it annoying.
Also, would it be possible to connect nodes with others that are already created?
For example:

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Hey @nicolas1,

Thanks for trying it out. We just pushed a fix for the zoom issue. It should be working now. (there are still some minor issues we are working on)

Currently, this map is limited to a tree layout, so you wont be able to connect to nodes that are already created. But this is definitely something we want to consider on our roadmap as it opens up a lot of interesting use cases.

Hello everyone!

I would like to chime in with an alternative solution. :slight_smile: Together with my team I’m working on a whiteboarding app for Monday. You can read more about it on this page. This is an app that was initially developed for Jira, and it is quite successful - links to success stories: Daily meetings - Atlassian, PI Planning - Mi9 Retail. We are considering Monday as a next platform for our app.

One of the features that we have is a mindmap blueprint. That’s how it looks like:

The app is currently available for preview, and it can be installed from this link: monday.com: Where Teams Get Work Done

Feedback will be appreciated, feel free to DM me on this forum, or send it through the app:
Kapture 2020-12-12 at 13.59.30


Looking great, this one is gonna be big

@GTG I’ve been using it for a while - loving your whiteboard.

Is it offline now? @GTG

Yes, this was an unofficial release, available only for preview, and it’s offline now, but it will be back soon I hope in a production version. If you need your data, please send me your details in a direct message.

I’m not being able to direct message you here on Monday - I sent you a Linkedin request, there I can explain what data I was using, thanks.

There is a Miro app that works quite nicely for monday here in the Marketplace - https://monday.com/marketplace/23

Thank you for your request!

We’ll pass this along to our product team for consideration as I do see its value.

Thanks again and keep the feedback coming

Please, consider adding this to Monday - way better than Miro @Ben-monday.com