Mirror Columns in Formula Column

I’m trying to leverage a formula column to bypass the limitation where you can’t use a mirror column as a label for a timeline. The goal is to show the progress on a project by % complete as the label next to the progress on a project by the timeline. When I try to reference the mirror column in a formula column I get the error code “Formula with multiple mirrored values is not currently supported”. Are there any other work-arounds that would allow me to pull the aggregated value into a formula column?

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Where is the mirror column coming from, many items on a source board linked to one item on the timeline board?

I’ve had some success with an intermediary formula column in the source board (it only displays the value in a mirror column, the formula is just {mirror1} or whatever the mirror is named), then mirroring just that one formula value to another board. This gets around the issue of having multiple items attached to a mirror column, but depending on your setup might not be useful.

You can use something like autoboost to set the mirrored timeline value into a normal timeline / date coulmn.