Missing automations and Items when generating Template


With our app we deploy it will multiple automations and a few sample items.

In the template boards locally they are all there

but when deployed the automations and items disappear.

Any idea?

This is a new issue as of this weekend! They all worked last week and for the past several months.

Hi @mclaughlin5360!

Sorry to hear you’re running into this. Is this a behavior that you’ve been seeing across the board (i.e. multiple accounts, multiple users)? Or is this behavior localized to one account or one user?

Do you mind also letting me know:

  1. When did this issue begin occurring? (Time and date specificity if you can remember!)
  2. What’s the URL of the board and item where the issue is occurring?
  3. It would be most helpful if you could provide us a screenshot of the console while clicked into one of these URLs. This will help us and our developers to recognize any error messages. To access the console click here: How to Access the Console (make sure to click the “console” tab at the top!)

Thank you!!

This has been resolved!

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