Mobile Dashboard Availability

First off, I hope this finds everyone doing safe and well during the pandemic.

I use a Pixel 3XL and an Ipad Pro for remote work, and I depend on my dashboard for planning and productivity with Monday. In other words, I believe the dashboard view is essential, but it is not available on either my Android or iOS device. So, I have two questions:

Are the dashboard views being worked on my Monday right now? And, as a follow-up, if that is the case, when will the release be in 2020, such as Q3 or Q4?

Secondly, if this has yet to be asked for to date, I would love to know if anyone else finds dashboards an essential feature for systematizing Monday across all their devices.


Good Morning.

For me is it also a very important thing for the APP.
For short overview. Presentation and many more.
All my Guest need more the Kanban or customize Boards-view ( Still not running perfect sadly)

We will test in a 10 small team with about 30 guest members.
We hope the program and the app will be more modern, more flexible and More efficient to work. In addition, to establish fast, clear and uncomplicated communication between internal and external people.

I really like to work with and see how much potential it have.
but after the test period (about 1 year) I have to present it to the entire company.

But things like dashboard in the app or tables that synchronize is really a must. Because that would make even more attractive in my opinion.

I could also imagine an app for guest users and
an app for administrative people with more options.
However, is getting more and more functions, so it is very difficult to keep the program and app user-friendly.

I hope my tired German-English is understandable.

Best regards.

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They released dashboards on IOS only which wasn’t helpful to me.

I just checked and Android is working now too :slight_smile:

To access press the 3 line menu dropdown in the top left then press dashboards.

Depending on the widgets you use they have a long way to go by the looks of it.

Calendar only shows the current month with no option to scroll. Events are only indicated by their colour and do not have their item name.

chart graphs show up and show you the percentage and name of the slice when tapping on it. I have 2 chart graphs and 1 of them worked. The other disappeared when tapping it.

The whiteboard only shows part of the board and you can’t scroll across. You can draw with your finger and type in then move text boxes.

Looking forward to the calendar working as it does on the desktop version.

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Calendar now works on Android however you have to hold the phone in landscape.

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