Monday API v2 - update column person


I’m trying to send a mutation to create a new item on the board and populate all columns. Everything seems to work except for the “person” column. No errors in the response.


mutation {
create_item (board_id: 505100819, group_id: "topics", item_name: "test_name", column_values:"{\"person\":{\"id\":12307363},\"status\":{\"label\":\"Done\"},\"date4\":{\"date\":\"2019-06-03\"}}") {


        "data": {
            "create_item": {
                "id": "505328688"
        "account_id": 5530601

I’m kind of lost why is this not working

You may find that your ‘person’ column is in fact now a ‘persons’ column. Thus you will need to use the slightly different syntax specified in the API doco for that column type. I had the same mistake.

@rgusciora try this:


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Thanks, Johnathon that worked. this feels like it should be clarified/added to the documentation. Right now documentation has tow distinct item “owner” types person and personsAndTeams. In this case, the person contains personsAndTeams, it’s a combo of the previous two types, or maybe just add an example for this use case.

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