Monday app "column changes" trigger - now supports subitems!

Not sure when this happened (or was announced? I am not finding it here). But the built-in trigger “column changes” for monday apps now supports subitems, like the webhook trigger does.

This is big, i would have expected an announcement of it :slight_smile:


It would really useful to know when this kind of features are added, instead of a silent update.

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It’s a “hidden feature”. The automation is an existing recipe. It says when Status changes to something change another status to something. From that option you are able to choose from the subitem status.

Hope this helps!


I could not agree more!!

monday, please provide some easy way for us to be notified when things like this are added!

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In my testing so far, the “column changes” trigger’s boardId output is the parent board, not the subitem board though.

Previously we couldn’t have a change in a subitem column trigger a recipe in an App. The subitem columns weren’t appearing until sometime in I think the last week and a half.


@Matias.Monday can you look into when this changed exactly? Also when a subitem column is selected, its returning the boardId based on the board the recipe is added to not the board of the triggering item (the subitem board). Ideally we’d have access to both as output fields from the trigger. (This is the same issue we encountered with the Subitem Delete webhooks)