Monday app deployment via Intune

I want to deploy Monday app to my clients devices (Windows 10) via Intune. Could you please advise me how to do this?

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Hi, you could try this: To deploy a app to your clients’ devices running Windows 10 via Intune, you can follow these steps:

  1. Access the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center: Log in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center using your admin credentials. This is where you’ll manage the Intune settings and configurations.
  2. Add a New App: Navigate to “Apps” > “All Apps” and click on the “Add” button to add a new app.
  3. Choose App Type: Select the “Line-of-business app” option since is not available in the Microsoft Store.
  4. Upload the App Package: You need the app package (usually a .msi or .exe file) to proceed. If you don’t have the app package yet, you’ll need to get it from or the developer of the app.
  5. Configure App Information: Fill in the app information, including the app name, description, publisher, and category.
  6. Specify the Installation Command: Under the “Program” tab, specify the installation command to deploy the app silently. This command will depend on the app package you have. For example, for an .msi package, the command might look like: msiexec /i "MondayApp.msi" /quiet. For an .exe package, it may be something like: MondayApp.exe /S /v/qn.
  7. Define Requirements and Dependencies: In the “Requirements” tab, specify any dependencies that the app might require to function correctly on the client’s device.
  8. Assign the App to Groups: Under the “Assignments” tab, choose the user groups or devices you want to deploy the app to. You can target specific user groups or all devices running Windows 10.
  9. Configure Deployment Settings: Review and configure other deployment settings, such as app installation deadline, notifications, restart behavior, etc.
  10. Save and Deploy: Once you’ve configured all the necessary settings, click on “Save” to save your app configuration. After that, you can choose to deploy the app immediately or create a deployment schedule.
  11. Monitor Deployment Status: You can monitor the deployment status and troubleshoot any issues from the “Monitor” section in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center.

Please note that the exact steps may vary slightly based on the specific Intune configuration and the app package you have. Make sure to test the deployment in a controlled environment before deploying it to your clients to ensure everything works as expected.

Hi, is there any chance to give to domain config to the intune windows device? I mean an .json or is there an intune SDK wrapped version to build up an intune app config?

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