Visit to Install App

Hi Team,

We represent Sprite Software. We’ve developed an integration application for and FreshService available in the FreshService marketplace. However, customers browsing the marketplace currently cannot see this integration app. To address this, I aim to create an application within that prompts users to visit and install the application, similar to the screenshot below.

The primary goal is to seamlessly redirect customers from the Marketplace to the FreshService Marketplace. Is it possible to publish the application like this?

The marketplace application will have to provide some actual functionality of its own that does something to get approved.

Since Freshworks has not created an integration for Freshservice, only Freshdesk, you may be able to implement a app that integrates Freshservice?

This would do much of what your existing app does, but maybe from the other direction so that events in can trigger changes in Freshservice? (The monday app could also get webhooks from Freshservice and make changes in monday.)

But to get published the monday app would need to include recipes the users could add to their boards that actually integrate with Freshservice - not just a redirect to Freshservice side integration.

This is the link Freshserive & integration: Freshworks Freshservice & Integration Integration | Freshworks Marketplace.

We already implemented Freshservice and integration in the Freshservice marketplace. You can see this in the below screenshot and the above link.

Again, we don’t want to implement the same solution in the marketplace. Because it will take more time.

We just want to redirect the customer from Marketplace to FreshService Marketplace to install the applications.

You will not get an app listed in the marketplace that doesn’t contain actual functionality for itself. Its a policy, and they haven’t waived it for anyone. There isn’t a redirection feature either and I wouldn’t anticipate them ever directing people off the platform they control.