Monday App: Handle request from workspace where the feature is not installed

We are the developer of “Productivity Tools” app. We are facing issues in handling one of the scenarios after the user installs the app on their account.
As you are aware that while installing the app from the marketplace, it gives the user 2 options i.e.

  1. Install on all workspaces

  2. Install on specific workspace

Even if the user selects the 2nd option, the user is allowed to integrate the recipe on other workspaces where the feature is not installed.

After opting for 2nd option, if the request comes from a different workspace where the feature is not installed, we do not get any error string specifying that the user token doesn’t have access but instead we get an empty data object in it as response, as the token we have, does not have permission to access the data on that board hence the recipe fails in the background. And if there is an automation set, we see a ton of failures based on the no. of items.

Can anyone please point/guide us to a solution provided for the same to handle such requests? As in how can we notify the user that the feature is only installed on a specific workspace or is there way in where the app itself will not be listed for Integration on other workspaces if the user has opted for 2nd option.

Hi @SaurabhJ!

Happy to try to help you with this issue–as I do not have the answer to this issue, I’m going to see if someone on the team can help you out! Aiming to respond within the next 48 hours!

Hi @SaurabhJ! Thank you for your patience as I figured out the right place for your question. This question should be directed to our monday Apps and Developers forum, which you can find here: monday Apps & Developers - monday Community Forum

Please let me know if you have any other questions.