Monday CDN vs App Host Server

Hello all,

I am wondering about the specific architecture of apps. To explain my confusion, I will lay out a scenario.

I have built an app with react that includes an item view. I understand that item views are served as iframe components. For published apps, the source seems to be from the app’s host server. For example, Optino’s Reflect item view has the source of

Now, my confusion comes from my app. I installed it on my account, and since I don’t have OAuth yet implemented, it is not receiving board data. However, even with no server running, it still renders the item view template in the iframe, and its source is from

Monday’s CDN offers the entire build folder for my app’s view. Simply going to and pulling up the page’s source brings up my entire view’s source code.

My confusion, then, is how exactly all of this works together. Is the actual app served from Monday’s CDN, and only the OAuth flow is routed through the app’s server? Is the app entirely served through our own server, and the Monday CDN is used to provide a template view if our server is offline?

I appreciate any feedback!

Hey @a_murr - welcome to the community! A good place to see reference to this would be in our quickstart guides. When you enter the app URL for your application, we will always try to load that.

Let me know if this clears it up!