and Oauth

I have two accounts on Account 1 and Account 2

I’ve created an Application in Account 1 and invited the Account 2 as a Collaborator. Then I’ve installed the app in Account 1 and I can see it from Account 2.

So, when trying to do the OAuth using Account 2 credentials I get the following:

“message”: "Error while authenticating: {“error”:“invalid_grant”,“error_description”:“App not available for user”} "

What could be the issue? Really stuck

Thanks in advance

Hey @azelenkin0306 ,

check this out :


Hey @azelenkin0306
What do you mean by account? Users or actual accounts?
Because you can invite users as collaborators in your account, not other accounts.

Probably the app installed in the account in which you developed it must be authorized by the admin.
Let me invite @dipro to this discussion.

Hi, @rob

The idea is the following. I have my account - Account 1. I have created an App in this account, configured the Scopes, Redirect URI and other OAuth stuff. Now, I want other users, which have Monday accounts, to use this app to work with their Accounts using Monday API.

At least this is how it works in Dropbox, Asana, Evernote and other service I’ve been working with.

You can share your app with other accounts, by publishing it and sending them the “Share app URL”.

Hey @azelenkin0306, we might be talking about different things when we say “Accounts”.

In this post, I’m going to be using accounts to describe a separate monday subdomain (,, etc) and users to describe different people (who can be on the same account or different). A user can belong to multiple accounts.

Inviting collaborators:

You can only invite users from the same account to be collaborators on a single app.

OAuth and Account Permissions

Each app can be installed on one or more accounts. If you attempt to go through the OAuth flow with a user from an account that has not installed the app (identified by client ID), then you will get an error.

Sharing your apps

As Rob mentioned, you can also share your app’s URL so other users can install it on their accounts.


Say an app is installed in but not

If a user is invited to both accounts, they will be able to see the app when they go to, but if the same user goes to they won’t be able to access the app in the UI. This person will also have two user IDs, one for their profile on each account.

Now, let’s say another user is invited to account 2 (no app) but not account 1. If you send this user to your OAuth Authorization URL, you will receive an error. This is because the user belongs to an account that does not have access to the app.

Could you please direct me towards some assistance in getting OAuth set up on my Monday app? I have read the documentation provided by Monday, but it still leaves me with a lot of questions especially in regards to integration authorization.

Hey @hrustad1017,

Could you expand a bit more on what questions / issues you’re currently facing setting up OAuth for your monday app? Happy to take a look.