and Outlook Tasks Integration


I’m exploring integration options and wondering how to integrate with Outlook Tasks. Where can I find information/guidance on this?

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I do not have experience with Outlook Tasks, but you can check in our apps marketplace to see if any of the integration apps for Outlook works for you.

We also have our own API and apps framework.

You could use our API directly to get data from your monday boards and update/erase/create data in them. If you can integrate with the other platform’s feature (Outlook Tasks), will depend on their API (if they have one) and its capabilities.

If the other platform has its own API with which you can interact, then you might be able to create an integration (this would require a script (code) on your end that would need to be hosted in your own server or hosting service). You could get webhooks from monday or from the other platform, and then use the APIs to pass information from one platform to the other. You could also try to build this using a no-code platform such as Workato, Zapier or

You can also create an app in monday with an integration feature. In the backend, this would also be using the API, but with a custom app, you could give the users more visibility into what the integration does.

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