Outlook Calendar Integration to Monday.com/Zapier

I would like to know if Zapier supports the integration of Outlook Calendar to the Monday.com platform.

What I would like to achieve is the following:

  1. On Monday.com platform: Create multiple 'Boards" representing the Calendar of individual Team members.
  2. Utilizing Zapier: Integrate each individual’s Outlook Calendar into their specifically assigned “Board” which will enable appropriate/assigned Team members to identify when/if the individual is available.
  3. Utilizing Zapier: Enable bi-lateral (or even unilateral) integration (Outlook --> Monday / Monday --> Outlook) whenever items are changed either on Outlook Calendar or Monday.com Calendar changes will be reflected on both.
  4. Utilizing Monday.com: The Monday.com “Boards” will be in the “Calendar View” which can effectively be used as a secondary/primary shareable Calendar source for all Team members to access accordingly.

Is this possible?