Answers: Can I customize my email notifications?

Hey everyone! Some of your have been wondering if you can customize your email notifications to be sent at certain times, or to contain information from certain boards. So here’s a quick explanation of how you can make your email notifications work best for you!

You can customize the types of email notifications you receive. From the “Notifications” tab of your profile settings, you can choose the types of notifications by ticking the boxes beside the emails you want, and leaving the box blank where you don’t want to be notified. Check out this article to learn more about this!

At this time, there’s no way to customize more specific conditions around your email notifications, including choosing when to receive emails, selecting specific boards to send notifications, or to select boards that you don’t want to receive emails from. However, this is a feature we get requests for quite often, and we’re working on bringing it to soon, so stay tuned!

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