Answers: do custom automations support subitems & the mirror column?

Custom automations are incredible, and they’re getting more impactful every day. Our team is working hard to build out recipe blocks that will allow you to make the workflow of your dreams into a reality. In the meantime, I want to mention a few things about support and limitations for subitems and the mirror column.

Custom automations do support subitems! You can use a subitem column as a trigger in a custom automation:

When you use a subitem as the trigger of an automation, you can set an action to occur on the subitem or the parent item of the subitem. In this example, we want to set Ron as the assignee. We have the option of choosing the People column on the parent item or the Owner column on the subitem:

Mirror Column
We get this question a lot. Custom automations do not interact with data or changes in mirror columns. But the team is aware of a desire for this ability!