API not get all workspaces

We are developing a API that import items from one of our customer report that one of the closed workspace is not get displayed by the API. We are developing the API via a developer account so we can’t simulate that workspace situation. We have set the limit of the API to be 500 workspaces, which I think should be good in this case. Is there any other factor regarding the workspace API?
The query we are using is “{ workspaces (limit:500){ id name } }” it works for most of the workspaces but at least one closed workspace are not get returned by that query.

Could the closed workspace are not being queried by the API?
or maybe the collaborator of a closed workspace are not able to access the workspace via API?
Thank you!

hi @sliuLuciddev

Welcome to the community! The question is under which credentials are you running the query. Is it from the API Playground or from within an app. If is is from within the app is it from a (board)view feature or an integration and which token do you use to get the data. If you are using seamless integration in an integration feature the app runs under the credentials from the user that added the integration to the board. If this user does not have access to the closed workspace I would expect that the workspace would not show up.

Thank you @basdebruin !

@sliuLuciddev what Bas said is correct.

Let us know if you have any questions now that you have this information :grin:


Thank you @basdebruin ! We are running the API through our Angular code, via a HTTP post request. It is from the integration, with the OAuth2 token we get. The user did have the access to the closed workspace. In fact there are other closed workspace appears in the query result but not all of it.

That sound like this one is for @Matias.Monday and his team.

Hello again @sliuLuciddev,

I can think of 2 possible reasons for this to happen:

  1. You are using the OAuth token of a user that does not have access to that workspace (which from what you said, does not seem to be the case)
  2. The app was installed in specific workspaces and that workspace is not included, so the app does not have access to it.

If you check both of this possibilities and it happens to be neither of them, please send us an email to so we can take this as a ticket and help you from there :grin:


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