Pagination issue

We are facing an issue with the Monday API pagination.
Our requirement is to get all the items in a workspace which we are achieving by getting all the boards from the workspace ID and then passing the boards array to the below query to get all the items. But we need only 10 items as per our pagination limit. Below is our API query.

We provide ‘limit’ as 10 and ‘page’ as 1 so we expect 10 items out of all the items in the workspace.
But the response is not likewise. Response is returning 10 items per board and if we have multiple boards then the total number of returned items exceeds our limit i.e. 10! Please find the response of the query below.

As we can see the total number of returned items here is 14 which is unexpected as we have provided ‘limit: 10’.
Please guide us with some solution to this. Thanks in advance.