for roadmap planning & more

We at DSM Tool use Monday for a few management aspects.

We came to a conclusion that using Agile-based solutions (ie. Jira) to manage on a high level is a bad practice because sprints are short and for long term epics or cross-team tasks it’s inconvenient.
So after investigating solutions, we found Monday.

So we have divided the development part (the “factory” creation) from the management part - sprints are still running under Jira, but the higher level of management is done through Monday.

We have a board for “Roadmap” which includes all the ideas and plans for Q1, Q2, and etc, plus a suggestion group where we throw all ideas that comes from users/workers. This board is being managed by our product team which set the status of each task in the quarter - research, specs ready, under design, under development:

Q1 board (tasks are hidden, its private info):

Another board we have is for managing releases.
Our development is divided into dev stage, QA stage, beta environment (contains a live environment but with a very small capacity of real users and data), and production.
That is why we have a board called “Beta” that contains all that’s about to be released to production, and has status columns for QA the beta, and help center + marketing materials preparations.

Our last beta board:

Furthermore, we have a board for managing CS working schedule (they work on shifts which are changed on a weekly basis):

And a board for our design team, because they are an interchange between product/marketing/other managers and development teams. so this board contains requests for design, the specs and specs owner, and status (specs ready, in progress, under review, and done)

And lastly, we have personal boards with todo tasks for each manager (head of product, head of marketing, head of CS, CEO, CTO)

I hope that our working methodology could help someone out there with new ideas for his workflow. If you have comments, you are welcome to share with me!


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Hey @ofershap,

Super cool to see how you’ve set up and to read your reasons for using both Jira and in conjunction!!

I noticed that you add the link to the Jira task in your monday beta board. I wonder if you have ever checked out our Jira integrations? Would it work to integrate between the tasks and where they live in Jira?

We also use for our shift management so it’s cool to see another way of setting up a board for this!

Thanks so much for sharing :smiley:

Hi! Thanks for your reply!
Sure we have checked the Jira integration but it useless for us, because that in order to track Jira tasks with Monday we need an integration that you don’t provide:
Once a Jira tasks is moved from one column to the other, the corresponding Monday issue’s status column should show the Jira column’s name.

We have used Zapier for a while to do it.
It was a bit hard to set it up, but we made it by setting a new field in Jira called “Monday issue id” and setting up zapier to lookup for this param, and by mapping the status code colors to the corresponding column (ie. in progress in jira = blue color in status column, that has number 2 if i remember correctly).

Eventually we have stopped using Zapier because they wanted to start charging us on a monthly basis for this tiny integration in which we dont use so occationally. It was a nice experience setting it all up, but unfortunately we do it nowadays manually because don’t have a good inexpensive solution for this integration.

Can you kindly share how you manage your shift management? Maybe we could also learn from it, maybe you have a better experience than ours :blush:
If you will closely look you will see that we have two columns for the agent - one is for “planned” which is set by the CS manager, and one is for marking that agent worked at this time (he updates this column once he’s finished with his shift. he also fill some required info about his shift such as how many tickets left, and etc).

Thanks for sharing that!!

So you want to basically map the status change in Jira onto For the time being, would the last integration option in the list help? It lets you at least keep the changes which took place in Jira every e.g. day to be reflected in

Sue thing! We will share how we’re managing our shifts! I’ll have someone from the team share this on a new topic :dancer:

How are you guys using this? Is it like a time card where they punch in and out?

We’re about to get into our busy time of the year with our CSRs needing to be available on our website LiveChat as much as possible. It would be cool if we could build a board to help with the scheduling and handing off.

Would be cool to see your board to

We have two columns for the agent:
One is for “planned” which is set by the CS manager at the beginning of the week after we asks the guys when can they work, and one is for the ongoing week to mark that agent worked at this time (he updates this column once he’s finished with his shift. he also fill some required info about his shift such as how many tickets left, and etc).

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