Monday docs PDF is truncating first and last columns of boards

We have a Monday doc that includes a few Monday boards. We are trying to share the information by exporting it as a PDF via the menu at righthand top of screen.

The PDF it produces truncates the first and last columns of the Monday board regardless of how we resize the board in the document.

Hello @AWRO !

Very interesting use case.

I tried this myself, and it seems that what you see at the board widget in your doc is what you get. There is a maximum length which you can stretch your board widget in your doc ( irrelevant of monitor) and I do not know if there is a limit to the widget’s width,but I can see that it depends on your monitor’s size.

So what you see on the widget is what you get.

Now, if you have a small board that can be shown whole in your widget and it also cuts the first and last columns, this sounds like a bug to me, perhaps @BiancaT can shed some light on this, or you can also contact monday support.

Hope this helps!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Hey Amy!

Is it possible for you to share a screenshot of how the board displays in the doc and how it displays in the export? Ensuring no sensitive data is included in the screenshots :pray:

I’d like to clarify expected behaviour with our team internally - thanks in advance!