Monday integration with Onedrive

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what is the best and cheapest way to integrate Onedrive (or Sharepoint) with Monday, so that I can always have updated files in the board?

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can you expand a bit more on your use case? there are a lot of great options, but they vary wildly depending on what exactly you’re needing.

if you’re only doing this for a handful of files and just need quick access methods, the M365 Office Embedded app gives you some clean options for board/item views for specific files, calendar views, etc.

the cheapest option, as you requested, would simply be manual management. essentially just create a Link column on your boards and manually maintain copy/pasted links to the SharePoint/OneDrive locations in that column. naturally, this isn’t a scalable or efficient solution but could be adequate for specific workflows.

if you’re more like we were, where you wanted item (or even subitem) level files across various boards/workflows with minimal maintenance needed from the end users, then I would highly advise you look into a Make or Zapier augmentation to your workflow. For example, you can set all kinds of triggers to automate this document management for you, ranging from:

  • When a new upload occurs in this SharePoint/OneDrive location, place a link to this file in the board item where condition X is true
  • When a new person has been assigned to an item in, generate a sharing link for the item’s SharePoint/OneDrive file giving the assignee permissions to view
  • When a form submission arrives in with an attachment, store a copy of this file to SharePoint/Onedrive library X.
  • And the list goes on!

happy to help you brainstorm some other ideas once I have a better understanding of what you’d like to get out of a monday/M365 connection.

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Hi @VeronikaKunova ,
This can be done using Make platform.
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hi @VeronikaKunova

If you only need access to a SharePoint / OneDrive file and always show the up-to-date version you can simply add a file column and get your file by selecting this option. It requires you to login to O365 obviously

HI Bas,

I’m new to One drive but our company has it. I want to add it to a board (and templates). Does everyone on the board need to login to the account, or can an admin just do it and everyone has access.

I added the app, but when I click on it nothing happens. Any help would be apprecaited.