Office 365/Onedrive integrations

As many (large) companies seem to gravitate towards using Office 365 it makes sense to integrate monday with the office file system (Onedrive). What would be very usefull is being able to search for files in Onedrive directly from Monday to attach them to a topic/pulse.

No more switching between screens, looking for the file, and copy/pasting the links.

man, I could be so productive :slight_smile:


Who does it work when someone chose “add files from computer” then select a file in OneDrive ?

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yeah, that works for files you keep offline.

With all the shared groups/ files in team folders it seems to be a bit more difficult though.

Hey! We’ve recently added an integration with Box and have many more integrations on our roadmap, so I’d be happy to pass along your feedback to my product team :slight_smile: When it comes to Team folders, due to permission concerns, we do limit access to personal folders.

1 Like will you be updating this thread when you hear back if it will be added to the roadmap? I feel like we’ve been waiting for this integration for a while now and would love to see it added. Thanks!

@rick Absolutely, we will be keeping the community updated when requested integrations are added. The will also be updated with all integrations that we will be adding to the platform.

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I am a new customer and we use Office 365 which includes OneDrive. We really need this integration. Are you sure this is less of a priority than many of the integrations listed on your roadmap??

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+1 for a OneDrive / Sharepoint integration. We’d actually really like to use it a little differently, however. It would be great for us if there was an integration that picked up files from a particular folder on OneDrive or Sharepoint and created pulses for each file on a specified board.

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