Monday projects API to Field Service Application


I woulk like to know if you have standard API for Monday Projects and a Field Service solution
The logic of this integration will be :
• A flow Monday Projects to Our Field Service solution: For the creation of a service order at the launch of the project in Monday Projects for example
Data : Date, view activity dependencies, Project Manager, etc.
• A flow Our Solution to Monday Projects: Feedback on progress status and closure of service orders
o Details of services and costs associated with each service orders

Our customers could use your solution to: Manage project models, Create the project, Monitor the progress of the project.

Our solution would manage the execution of the service orders with all the complexity associated with the service orders: scheduling, Inventory, Availability and skills of resources, Associated documentation, Contract and pricing rules, etc.

Thanks for your help and Regards
Our SaaS solution can manage APIs with related applications to facilitate this integration work.

Welcome to the community! does have an API, as well as a custom integrations support through the Apps framework. I’ve linked to the relevant documentation. The apps framework allows the creation of automation templates which can be triggered when various values in change, to send data to a backend and integration to another platform.

You can also create automations which are triggered by the external platform via your backend, and cause changes in Understanding automations and automation templates is critical to working with in a way that conforms to user expectations.

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Hi there :wave:,
You can also use tools like to spare time like this: Use to track on-site attendance - Skiply

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