More Match Automations

I would like more options for the match automation. For instance “when an item is moved to this board, connect the item where this column matches this column in another board by this logic”

I totally agree. This would be very useful.
Another question is what will happen to the Match automations once they are out of beta. I think a lot of workflows out there are dependent on these and would like to see them continue working/developed.

Hey @rbeckwith & @Sjurd,

We developed an app that provides a much more robust match automation capabilities that you might find valuable.

It supports multiple conditions (up to 4), more flexibility in logic (connect all items or just the first item), more flexibility in conditions (matching empty values or not).
It also offers more triggers (item created & column changes) and we’ll be adding when item moved to group.

Here’s an example →

You can find it in the marketplace. If you have any questions I’m available here or

Hope that helps!

Agree, the current beta Match automations are very helpful, I’m thrilled to have them.

It would be an immense enhancement to have the ability to many-to-many match in addition to the current one-to-one capability.

Hey @hbristol the app I mentioned above, Advanced Item Link & Match solves for this case.

Let me know if you need a help / got questions.

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Thanks for the pointer @Fantasy-Media-Team! I will check it out.

I do still want to make a plug for monday to add it to their core functionality also.

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Hi @Fantasy-Media-Team how do your seats work? Do you have to license for everyone who would view the boards the automation is used on? Or only those who execute the automation?

We are interested in using this in our CRM, but in a way that only admins would use when importing data. Our end users would view the resulting board entries, but would not be executing any of the match automations.

Hey @hbristol,

We’re using’s native monetization solution which charges based on the number of seats in your account, regardless of how many are actually using the app.
It’s not a flat price per seat so the more seats in your account the price per seat is lower.
If you wish to discuss further I’m also available at

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Thanks @Fantasy-Media-Team, I will be in touch via email.