Move Item from archives

We’re having an issue when an item is archived and we make api call to move it to a group in a board it does not seem to work. But once we manually restore the item and then Archive it again and do an api call to move it, it works. Is this a normal action or should it be moving the item without having to manually having to restore it?

Hey @itul, welcome to the community! Are you able to manually restore and archive with no problems (if you don’t use the API at all)? Would you mind writing into about this? Then we’ll be able to get more specific information from you and discuss why this might not be working.

Yes we can manually restore the item no issues there. But once we do that the Api move call works, it will archive and move the item back to it group using the API.

On a item that is created, and we pass the api call to archive it, it works. But calling the move api call it confirms back that the item was moved but is not reflected on Monday.

I reached out to support first and they said they to go here to the Discussions board as they have limit support for API questions…