Issue with a Group that Archived and no option to Unarchive

Hi, I already filed a support ticket for this, but I thought I’d post here too just in case someone else who is an engineer sees this and can help get this fixed a little quicker.

One of our users was moving an item to another board and for some reason, the entire group (around 7k items) was archived. She claims she did not archive anything which I believe, because if she did, we should be able to unarchive it which we can’t.

All of the items are still there - if you search for them and tick the “search archived” box under the general search, you can access the data. However, there is no option to unarchive the group. I’ve checked Board Settings - archived history. Not there. Not under the board archive section either.

Anyway, this was around 4 days ago now. All I’ve gotten is that there is no ETA and support has “many other issues to prioritize”. That doesn’t sound too promising! I don’t want to be a complainer, but I’ve never had such slow support from a tech company before with a problem that was this serious. I’ve loved everything up until now.

I’m assuming that since I can still search the archive and see my data that it’s just a matter of time, but those considering Monday should be aware of glitches like this. We definitely have found automations sometimes don’t work, we have to re-enter things several times before the “stick” in the data columns. Not all the time, but sometimes.

If you are a new user or potential user, you may want to keep a back up of your data at least weekly. I know I’ll be doing that now. I’ve read that Monday has backups for 25 days, so if for some reason they can’t unarchive the group, hopefully I can get my data restored before any backups are erased!

Love Monday, but this has been a major headache for us!