The Recent Archive Update Broke Our Workflow

Hey everyone!

At some point the archive was updated and now we have users who can’t access their items within it. Does anyone know of a solution or workaround? Here’s the use case:

We have a VERY large board that 20+ people operate out of, and we have permissions set so users can only edit items assigned to them. However, they can view all the items in the board. Every 30 days completed items older than a set date are archived.

Every so often these users need to go into the archive and view these older items. Previously they could search and view the board’s archive for that specific item they needed. But with the recent update, when they go to view the archive, they see nothing. Only admins are able to view the archive. I assume this is now because all archived items for the ENTIRE system are combined into one.

Is there a way to allow regular users to view their items in the archive without increasing their permissions? Any help is appreciated!

Bump! Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!