Access to a board after its unarchived

Hi there. I’ve just unarchived a board that my team previously had access to before it was archived but now they can’t find it. I’ve checked board permissions and it is showing they have access to it, but they can’t find it on the navigation pane. Any suggestions on how I can get them to be able to access it? Many thanks!

Hey Ellie! Is it perhaps in a workspace they don’t have access to? When they search it in the “search everything” tool does it not pop up? Hmm this sounds odd!

When you unarchive a board, it will be restored to its previous state, including its permissions. However, it may take some time for the changes to propagate to all users. If your team members are still unable to see the board after a few minutes, try the following:
1)Ask them to log out and back in to
2)Clear their browser cache and cookies.
3)Try accessing the board from a different browser or device.

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Thank you both! It just took a while to update, but they had access after about an hour. Thanks!