Move Item Mutation Error

Hello, everyone.
I am using API graphql query and I get some errors while I am using move item to board query

Here is my query

mutation {
  moveItem: move_item_to_board (
    board_id: 1886238032, 
    group_id: "topics", 
    item_id: 1887657797, 
    columns_mapping: [
      { source: "text", target: "text" }, 
      {source:"text5", target:"text_1"}, 
      {source:"status7", target:"status7"}, 
      {source:"status_1", target:"status_1"}, 
      {source:"phone", target:"phone"}, 
      {source:"email", target:"email"}, 
  ) {

But I got this error

  "error_message": "Columns mapping is not in the expected format",
  "error_code": "GraphqlGeneralError",
  "error_data": {},
  "status_code": 200,
  "account_id": 20770082

Why do I get this error? Did I set up the column mapping incorrectly?
I would appreciate it if someone could help me with my problem?
Thank you,

Hello there @Bolt!

Are you sure you have columns with those exact IDs both in your source board and in the target board? If you don’t have the columns with the specified IDs, then this will not work.

Looking forward to hearing from you :smile:


Hello, @Matias.Monday

Thank you for your reply.
Sure, I have columns with those exact IDs both in my source board and in the target board, but it didnt work.
I look forward to your response.

Hello again @Bolt,

Would you be able to please fill this form adding as much information as possible to it (such as account ID, board IDs, item IDs, timestamps, etc.) so that our team can take a look into it?

Something you have to remember is you must list EVERY column of the source board, even the ones you’re not copying. The ones you are not copying over should have null as the target column. EXCEPT for any formula, mirror, and connect board columns (and possibly dependency as well). You’ll want to confirm through testing which types you have to leave out.

Connect boards seem to map based on column titles being identical between the boards as well as the connected boards also being identical. Whether specified by you in the mutation or not. IF the titles and connected boards match, it will copy the item linkage over.

Hello, @Matias.Monday

That is a great point as well @codyfrisch! Thank you!

And hello @Bolt ! I think you might have clicked on “send” before writing your message.

Thanks for your reply,
Of course, I listed all columns from the source board, and set the target column as null, but the result was the same before.
Sorry for the blank reply.
Could you please show me an exmaple for move item mutation?
I am using JacaScript.
I look forward to your response.