Moving a Board to a completed status

I am aware that boards cannot be moved to a completed status. I’d like hear from others how they solved this problem.

We have 100 boards running at a time, and each board is own templated project plan with about 50 tasks. When the project is completed, I want to automate it to move into a completed status and a folder called “Completed projects in 2023” and “Completed projects 2024”, and so on.

The objective is multi facet: 1) remove the noise from the active projects folder, 2) have a report on the number of completed projects per quarter.

Open to ideas on how anyone solved these two problems


Why not just moving the board to the intended folder manually? it’s a 4 second process.

I’m building a process for about 30 people, so I am trying to minimize any a risk of human error (forgetting to move it)

Give a candy/a buck for every moved project :wink: they will remember it.