Moving Item with Subitems to other board removing all Subitems


when by automation you moving item that contain Subitems, it delete the Subitems.


Happens when you move it manually as well- for groups and items. Would be nice to have them saved even when you move item or group.

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Hi & @uhaj! At this time, subitems are still in beta, so there are a few limitations that our team is working on.

You can find the full subitem roadmap here: Subitem Product Plan


This feature is very important and needed for my works now. Please work on it asap :rofl:


Agree this would be great to fix. Overall, the select / duplicate / move / delete / unselect user experience is pretty amazing in the monday app. makes it very easy to copy items to other boards other groups, etc. also the bulk update of a column value (updating across all selected items) is fantastic too. I would say probably the only deficiency is the handling of subitems when moving to other boards.

I do have another question related to this: if i wanted to achieve copying of subitems to another board, would it work if I did it as follows using only API mutations:

  1. create the other board with the same column types and titles
  2. create a board called “Subitems of [New Board Name]”
    3.copy the items from the original board to the new board
  3. copy the items in “Subitems of [Original Board]” into “Subitems of [New Board]”
    update the subitems column in the new board, so they contain the pulseIds of the corresponding items in the new “Subitems…” board

would this work?

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Any update on this? We haven’t seen any movement on the road map board at all :no_mouth:

Now that subitems seem to be moving automatically… can we get an option in the move mapping to NOT carry over subitems?


On that developer page it says automations “done and more to come” and “move subitems between boards” as done as well. However, when you have an automation to create an item on a board when a date/status hits, you can NOT copy over the subitems. Please do this to prevent duplicate work on every project we do.

Has this been resolved? This is my issue too.

Need this too. When I move some items i do not want sub items to move with it. Others I need the sub items to go with it. Sub items are basically the task list for the next group. The next group does not need the previous groups task list.

Please let us add or remove sub items when automating items to another group. Thanks!

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
You can achieve this process with the Duplicates and Uniques app. Basically, you can get the items that you want to copy in one group and then copy/move them over to the desired location. This will copy/move them over without the sub-items.
Here is a fairly comprehensive video that shows how the copy functionality works.
The video focus on the copy option but works the same for the move option too.
Additionally, the app can be used to address various needs apart from the one shown in the video. More about the app can be found here.
If you have any questions, you can always write to us at

I want this to happen but it carries all the subitems to the next board. I use each board as a stage in a process, so when it is moved to a new board, the old subitems are no longer relevant.

Still waiting Monday… Any word on when we will get this important functionality?

Hi all,

Firstly, we sincerely apologise for the delay in responding to this thread! We are working on improving our responsiveness to the community, particularly our feature request process so appreciate your patience in advance!

On that note, I did want to clarify that moving subitems with items using an automation is currently possible, so if you’re experiencing issues achieving this, please reach out to so they can investigate :pray:

Additionally, I did want to mention that the automation to “create an item” in a different board, will not pull subitems across from the associated item.

Hopefully this makes sense!

Hi Bianca!

Is there a way to include the subitems when using the automation to “create an item” in a different board?

Right now I have the need to see the same subitem information reflected in the new board, but I don’t want to duplicate the item or move it, since I need to control the fields that get moved to the new board.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Hey @ggrimaldo!

I am afraid the ability to create subitems with that item (across boards) still is not supported at this time. In order to workaround this I am interested if you could set up an automation in the destination board that includes a specific condition (i.e. status if X) to then create that same subitem with the new item?

I recognise this isn’t the most ideal solution, but I wonder if it could work in the meantime?

Hi Bianca,

Thank you for the suggestion. The issue we are running into is that we are assigning people to subtasks in a main board and would like to maintain that as the new item is created in the new board. In this case, it is more about being able to maintain the sub-item assigned person across boards than to get the sub-item fields in the new board.

I think if the sub-items had the same ability to be copied over to selected sub-item fields in another board, like the parent items can, it would be very helpful. I will submit this as an idea on a new thread if that’s the best way to get this on the radar!

Ah, I understand - thank you for clarifying! Subitems are limited in this particular capacity specifically moving them across boards with selected values, so I’d definitely go ahead and submit this as a feature request so we can get more eyes on it and thus more votes :muscle: Thank you for your understanding!!

Will do. Thanks, Bianca

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