MS Teams integration with EU data residency

Dear all,

I had bad news about the problem I reported about a Gateway Time-out issue while I tried to connect Monday with MS Teams… Someone from Monday replied me this : “While the MS Teams integration is fully functioning on both servers (US & EU), the app on the MS Teams platform is not supported in the EU. We hope to enable the option for the EU server by the end of the year but there is no exact ETA”.

It means that we can’t use Monday though Teams for the moment, and it’s a big issue for us because one of the top features that drove us to use Monday is that we can easily connect it with Teams… I will be very embarrassed if it’s not possible to have this connexion !

Does anyone have more information about this ? Alternatives or solutions or, better, release ETA ?

Thank you for your attention,

Just read you message and not sure how you are getting on, but the Monday Teams App is working for us and our Teams is UK/EU based. Feel free to get in touch.