Multi-board mirroring for mobile

Multi-board mirroring is not currently supported on mobile. Is this a feature that will roll out in the near future? In our use case, each of our salespersons has their own individual board to which they upload work orders and drawings. Our installation technicians need to access these files in the field from one source. I have a multi-board mirror column set up on our Installation board that pulls these files from each of the salespersons’ boards. But due to this limitation, our installation techs are not able to access these documents from the Installation board on their mobile devices. It would be very helpful if multi-board mirroring was enable for mobile, so that they could access these documents from a single column.

I have subitem columns mirrored to new items on a different board. This works great on a browser but when viewing the items on the Monday iPhone/iPad app the information in the column is not displayed. The column shows up but is greyed out and no data is populated.