Mirrored columns on mobile app (ios). Content of mirrored (linked) collumns not visible


on my monday.com mobile app (apple - ios) i can see the mirrored column header, but no mirrored (linked) content. I thought this bug/problem was solved a few month ago.

App-Updates, deleting the app, reinstall - did not help.

Any ideas?

Hey @RaoulVega,

Can you confirm the type of columns you’re mirroring? Not all mirror columns are supported on iOS, so if you can confirm the column type this will help us figure out what might be going on :pray:


status, timeline, numbers, text, dropdown, files, person, item-id. I can only see the connected items in the connected board column.

Hm, on iOS most of these column types are supported, excluding item ID and dropdown. Can you confirm that your phone is of the latest update? Additionally, is it only on iOS that you cannot see these mirrored columns? Are you running into any issues seeing mirrored columns on the desktop app or through web-browser?