Mirror column on Monday App

Mirrors column are disabled on the Monday app but visible on desktop version. Is this a setting or normal condition?

Hi@SpinningMyHead ,
it is a normal condition that mirrors columns are disabled on the Monday app but visible on the desktop version. This is because the Monday app is still under development and some features are not yet fully supported. Mirror columns are one of those features that are not yet fully supported on the Monday app.

There is no setting to enable mirrors columns on the Monday app. The only way to view mirrors columns on the Monday app is to use the desktop version.

I hope this helps

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Ok, however, some board members don’t even see the mirror column on the desktop version.

Do you have a permissions on those columns or on the board it is mirroring from? That could prevent someone from seeing them.

No restriction on either side except the column that connects the board where the mirrored column is based on. The restriction is only the visibility on the connected columns not the mirror columns.