Multiple Assignee popup behaviours

We assign all of our pulses to some one in the team responsible for it.
And we use the multiple assignee column type.
It’s great, but the UX I feel is poor,
I click the icon, the popup opens, I click a person, and it add’s then and closes the popup…
BUT because we’re using the multiple person type, it would be super useful if the popup stayed open, to make it easy to add more.

If I type, or click on the name it still disappears.
I’ve tried holding cmd/ctrl/option down as I click and these don’t help…

Clicking an X or anywhere off the popup should close it.



Hey Sheldon,

Thanks for posting :slight_smile:
Using cmd whilst the box is open should allow you to choose more than one if you’re using a Mac and same using ctrl on Windows. Does that work for you?

Thanks for your reply Julia,
I had tried that in previously and it didn’t work, but tonight it is, so maybe I was doing it wrong.

I still think better UX would be for multiple options, let the user close the popup, but thank you.

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Of course! Hope that at least gets you one step in the right direction…

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