Multiple IF Statement

Hi there,

Anyone knows what is the correct formula if you want to display value based on the input value.

My idea is here

IF({Artist}=“Huge Jackman”,“012345”), IF({Artist}=“Oprah Winfrey”,“12345”), IF({Artist}=“Celine Dion”,“55024”)

I want to automate if for example if the exact name is matched in the Artist column (text) it would display the corresponding ID number.


It might be better to create a separate board then use connect board and a mirror column. To use a formula this is what I would do:

IF({Artist} = "Huge Jackman", "012345", "") &
IF({Artist} = "Oprah Winfrey", "12345", "") &
IF({Artist} = "Celine Dion", "55024", "")


"Huge Jackman", "012345",
"Oprah Winfrey", "12345",
"Celine Dion", "55024",

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