Mutate Items with Special Characters Like #<> &nbps


I am getting an error while mutating the items. My string has contained almost every character including special symbols, URLs.

I am sure they are not parsed correctly due to special symbols like <> * $ # etc.

FYI I am using nodeJS and JSON.stringify() before mutating and I am mutating the data in the Text type columns. There is no problem if the string does not have any special character(items were added to Monday that does not have any special characters). I have tried replace method but it is not giving me satisfactory results; it’s is spoiling my whole format of the string.

So is there any solution to this?

*Error is :
{ errors:
[ { message: ‘Parse error on bad Unicode escape sequence: “{\\\“gr…n\\\”:\\” (error) at [2, 144]’, locations: [Array] } ]

Thank you!

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Hey @sk09 :wave:

I believe it’s the <> characters that are preventing you from sending that string to our platform. However, it’s difficult to know for sure given the limited information in this post.

Can you post an example of what you’re trying to do, so we can take a look? Are you sending the string as the item name, or in a column value?

For your reference, < and > are not characters that are allowed in item names (they don’t work in the GUI either).

Hi @dipro,

It is not working After removing the < > symbols. I am getting this error in the response :

statusCode: 400,
message: ‘400 - undefined’,
error: undefined

I am trying to send the string as column values(about 60 columns) each column can have special symbols.

But when I removed other special characters such as $,#,©,\, &nbps. the items were added to the

We are on Pro plan, As I am unable to share the data here.
What would be the best way?

Anyone here who could help me to sort this out!

Hey @sk09, since you cannot share your code here can you send us an email at That will be a more private channel and we can take a look.

Please include the data that you are trying to post as well as the relevant code snippet to show us what you’re posting to our API. Thanks!