My Work Customization: Add or hide ANY column to view & show parent Item name for Sub items

Any update on when the Mywork page is planned to be made usable? Not being able to see the parent item, or any real customization options, greatly limits its utility. It would also be great if subitems could take dates from their parent item.

We are trying to use this is a construction and manufacturing application- something that says it’s working toward. However because of that not everyone is as tech savvy and can get easily over loaded. We’d like it so that MyWork only shows the items they are currently assigned to under the people column, and in a somewhat useful format

Yes this is so essential! It is actually absurd that showing the item name in the My Work section for a sub-item is not already the default. The My Work page is completely useless until this is implemented.

Please can we get this implemented ASAP? This is such a tiny thing that would be so easy to add. Just change the group name to be the item name instead of the ambiguous “sub-items” label.

Hi community, after discussing with our Product team, we are unable to add this feature to our upcoming roadmap due to other platform priorities. Every quarter, the Product team need to make difficult decisions about how to prioritize building new features, improving old ones, and ensuring overall platform quality.

Although we do not have this feature on the roadmap at the moment, our roadmap is subject to change due to evolving capabilities and capacity, so we may be able to add this feature into our future roadmap. We will update you with any changes to this status!

You can also have a look at the app store for other apps that may help you with your use case.

This is very disappointing. Adding or hiding any columns i understand, but showing the parent item is vital and makes the My Work-space a handicapped tool, it shouldnt be called a feature.

I feel you put so much effort into other things like forms that get upgraded every other month, but underestimate how powerful My Work could be to create a way better user experience. At the moment you cant use My Work properly, and people are struggling to find their way to their items in boards. My Work could solve this but hasnt seen a big change for years now.

You cant use timelines (because my work uses the end date) so having a planning + My Work is useless. All items and subitems dont have enough info, so you need to click and open many items before employees know what needs to be done in a certain board other than changing a status or just to know what the context is of an item.