My work initial column very long and status and priority wrong way round

On the my work view the initial column is very long how can this be reduced.Is this based on the boards it pulls in from?Also the status and priority column are the wrong way round from some boards even though the boards they come from are correct?

Hey Rich!

Hm, the item column length is very long… can you please adjust the length of the column in the associated board and let me know if this changes anything?

As for the positioning of the status and priority column, they appear this way on my end too, I believe this is the expected positioning at this time - this is a fixed format in my work and not based on the arrangement in the specific boards.

Hi Bianca,thanks for reply,I managed to sort out the column width by adjusting the zoom on the web page

With the my work on the status selection in my work ,priority had been set for some reason so this was returned to status and it is now in the correct order