Primary column issue

When I opened up, the main column was rearranged at the very last column. The board looks like it was split. The “Client” column is the main column and should be on the first column.

Checking the pin, you can see that the main column is now at the very end of the list.

I can’t seem to drag the “Client” column to rearrange it.

Hey @ballesterosrusselle,

Hm this looks a little strange as the item name isn’t a column that can be re-arranged/reformatted. If you try to pin the client name column, does this change anything? Additionally is this occurring in your main table view or a seperate view? If this is a seperate view, can you navigate to your main table and let me know if it looks the same?

Additionally, if you can try replicating this behaviour in an incognito window and letting me know the outcome, that would be great :pray: