Swapping "Item Name" (left-most) column with another column

Unfortunately it seems there is currently no method to switch the primary/item name column with another column. To explain why this is a hinderance in some cases…I imported a contact list from Excel, and initially used the company name as the primary column. However, this created a problem when mirroring/linking contacts to items in another board, since mirroring searches based on the primary column. I have multiple contacts per company for the vast majority of my clients, so searching based on company name yielded several results.

The work around is to export the monday.com contact list to an excel file, adjust the columns so the client’s name is in the left-most / primary / item name column, and re-import to monday.com. The biggest time burden is then re-establishing all of the mirroring/links to other boards. Thankfully our CRM is still in the infancy stage, so wasn’t a big task, but could have been a bigger problem if this was recognized later on.

I know this is not a huge deal all-in-all, but would be much nicer to simply switch columns around at anytime. But maybe I am missing something, and there is a good reason why the monday.com developers decided to restrict this?