Mass update the primary / Item column


I have an issue with a big board where the primary “Item” column is filled with the wrong data. I want to replace it with data from another column, but that isn’t as easy as thought.

I tried export, update and import from Excel, but that won’t work as there are person column in there which won’t import.

I tried automation, but that can’t update text fields AFAIK.

Does anyone have a good WoW to achieve this? Thanks!

Hello @HarmLommers,

The Toolkit can definitely help you out here.
It has both a Copy and Paste feature so you can copy the name column from the other column and paste it into your board or you can use it’s Find and Replace feature to replace all the wrong data.
You can even copy directly from the excel file and paste it into your board using the same name. Basically, you are covered from all directions :slight_smile:

If you need any help with the app, you can always reach out to

Hi Alfred,

I’d rather not install (payed) extensions on if possible, thanks.
Does anyone know another way without installing anything?

Hi @HarmLommers

This functionality is not offered by monday out-of-the-box. If you don’t want to use external apps your only option is to build something yourself using Make or Zapier (which will be an external app anyhow).

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