Need help to know How we can download File content using API and How many maximum number of files can be added to column

I could see APIs available add_file_to_column and add_file_to_update for File - Files.

Using the another API mentioned here - Files we could get the file metadata.

However, I couldn’t find the API to download actual file content.

Could someone please help us on our queries below:

  1. Which API to use or how to download actual file (content)?
  2. How many maximum number of files can be added to column?

Hello @Yash!

  1. To download the file you can use a query like this one:
  boards(ids: 1234567890) {
    items(ids: 1122334455) {
      assets {

And you will find a link to the download.

  1. There is a 20k limit for the amount of files that can be added to a board.

So, you can add up to 20k files to a single item’s files column as long as there are no more files in the board.

I hope this helps!


@Matias.Monday Is it possible to have authenticated API for download.

I was checking with url and used bearer token, but that says You need to log in or sign up before continuing..

Is there any otherway we can download beside public url?

Hello @Yash!

For someone to get that URL, they would have to be authenticated.

Then the URL itself is used without authentication.

There is no query to get the file directly with a request that uses an API as the Authentication in the header.


@Matias.Monday another quick question.
What would be the max array size of assets when im doing above query. In each item how many assets I can have?

Hello @Yash !

Technically, the limit comes from the assets in a board. Each board can have up to 20k files in the file columns.

So if you have files in one column of only one item in a board, it could have up to 20k files.

Hope that helps!