Need to find a solution for counting Date column and Number column (number of days)

Hi to everyone. I’m already scratching my head to find a solution for the next task:
I have a column “Launch Date of product” for ex. 1.02.2022 and also I have a lot of columns like “Send Brand deck”, “Send product file” etc and at these columns written number of days. It means like I need to send a Brand deck before 200 days of Launch date. Sometimes launch date could be changed and I would like to change a date and automatically will change a date, when I need to send a Brand deck + I need a notification for this.

for ex, Launch date is 1.02.2022, I need to send Brand deck before 30 days. I have a column with date “1/02/2022” and column with number “30”, what type of formula I need to write at the 3d column? - expected result " 2/01/2022" with a date format. And also if should work when I’ll update Launch date for another one.
In Excel its so easy to write “01.02.2022-30 = 02.01.2022”, but in Monday its not so easy.

Please, give me any advise and solution.
Thank youuuu

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Hi @Nik :wave:

Welcome to the community! There are a couple of work arounds that spring to mind but would need a better understanding of what you’re working with and what you’re looking to achieve to help you find the best fit.

We can certainly help whatever the case, please feel free to shoot me an email via or book a quick discovery call with me here

Peta Bolger
Account Executive at upstream