Deadline date / Due date

I am in need of help, how do I determine a deadline date, taking 12 days from another date as a parameter?

I tried in different ways and I’m not getting the result.

Forgiveness for the placement of words, sometimes in the wrong way in this text, because I am from Brazil and I am using a translator.

Thanks !

Helpe-me please !!!

Hola, puedes hacer que una fecha tenga 12 dias mas que la fecha que colocaste como parametro a traves de las automatizaciones.

I haven’t found an automation that fits my need. The closest I found has the creation date as a parameter, but I need to have not the creation date, but another field date that was created.

My due date is the one corresponding to the field “AVISO” + 12 days

Oi Renato tudo bom?
Tambem to gramando aqui com as Datas no Monday.
Em que coluna voce vai registrar a deadline? Imagino que a melhor opcao seria ter uma coluna com campo calculado por formula.
Outra opcao seria uma automation tipo essa aqui.

Cláudio, good night!

How are you, friend? … Thank you for helping.

This automation mentioned by you would be perfect, even I had already tried, however, it does not allow me to insert the number 12, which is the deadline I need after the “NOTICE” column to be due.

He is directing to one of the number columns that I have … does not allow to enter a number without linking to a column.

I still don’t know how to drive to have the due date calculated automatically, which in my opinion is a very simple action, but I’m bumping into these ready monday automations.

Hey Renato,

actually with this automation you have to create a column to input the number of days you want. You can do this and them collapse the columns to hide it. Then I think this is going to work.


I created the automation as directed, now I just need to finish creating a condition that every time I create a new element, it automatically inserts the number 12 in the field, because it deals with the number of days I created as a condition for the term , if I don’t have to manually enter each element, the automation of this condition is much more logical.

I didn’t find anything in automation that meets my need, do you know how I can do it?

I did not find an automation either, but You can try a Zapier automation like this.

Maybe this automation here can help if you combine with the other one you have. But I think you will need one more status to make it happen properly.