Automations that check date fields or formula fields

I’d like to create an automation that does the following:

  • if an item is created
  • and the due date is in the future
  • and the due date is less then 7 days from the creation date/today
  • notify this user

I have looked and can’t find a way to check date columns. I could create a formula field that calculates the difference between the creation date and the due date, but I can’t find any way in the automations to check the formula field either.

Any suggestions?

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Hey @neilfry

We tested it out using General Caster and got your described requirement to work - Depending on the volume of items you need to calculate for each month, you may be able to just use the free General Caster account, or search them in the App Marketplace to find pricing details to suit your volume.

Input your formula into the integration recipe, use a nifty couple of supporting workflow automations together and you’ve got yourself a set-up!

Feel free to drop us an email to so we can connect and discuss/show you.

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:
Easy Mondays

thanks for the suggestion.

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